Who we are.

Hivejobs is a headhunting company which invented and introduced a new collaborative online recruitment model

Founded in Italy in December 2011, Hivejobs is a headhunting company characterized by an innovative business model allowing an unparalleled degree of specialization in the HR industry.

There are two main elements which distinguish us from our competitors:
Hivescouts: they enable us to target properly the hard skills each candidate should have to be suitable for our clients.
Software platform: this allows us full transparency both to clients and to candidate as for the recruiting process.

In 2016, Hivejobs was acquired by Randstad Group, the second HR Consulting Agency in the world. Randstad has been operating in Italy since late ’99 with more than 2000 employees and around 300 branches at a national level nowadays.
Since 2017 Hivejobs has become an operating company of Randstad Italia S.p.a.