Find your new job with Hivejobs's hivescout

How it works

The value of our model
Specialist expertise at every stage

We provide Talent Hunting and Selection services, deploying the competencies of a network of Specialist Professionals from the same sector and function as the profiles required.
The specialist experience and credentials of these HiveScouts, as we call them, are at our client’s service at every stage of the complex selection process.

Network word of mouth

During the headhunting and candidate sourcing stages, our HiveScouts are a source of valuable information for our customers.
“Where are the best candidates?” “Which companies and environments offer the best headhunting opportunities?”
Our HiveScout network acts as an extended Referral system to answer crucial questions such as these. Because, in the end, word of mouth is still the most powerful medium.

A Transparent process

Once the most suitable profiles have been assembled and shared in total transparency with the client, our HiveScouts interview every candidate of interest, draft Soft / Hard Skills Reports and discuss the strongest candidates with the client.
The strong and weak points of every profile – and not just at a technical level – are presented for consultation and only at this point does the client decide who to meet.

In the Candidate’s interest

Our unique business model makes us highly attractive to the most sought-after candidates on the labor market.
Earning the respect of high-potential talent is our priority.
The real specialization and seniority of our HiveScouts draws talented candidates to our company, much to our clients’ benefit.

Our Hivescouts

True specialists
Identikit of a Hivescout

All our HiveScouts have at least 15 years’ professional experience and have in most cases led a specialist team in recent years.
Each of them plays an active role in the selection process at their company and is experienced in conducting interviews for new members of their team.
They enjoy participating in networking events and have a passion for getting to know new people and embarking on new experiences. They consequently have an extensive network of contacts and acquaintances in their area of specialization. And they adore innovation.


Candidates prefer Hivejobs
The best selection Interviews

They could all put it down in writing.
But in the feedback age, we ask absolutely every candidate to mark their interviewer.
The results shown here testify to the quality of our process.

Real Seniority

9 out of 10 candidates agree the HiveScout assigned to them is a real expert. Their comments frequently express their satisfaction and surprise.

Updates on the Selection process

9 out of 10 candidates state they have received ample and prompt information on the status of their candidature.