Respect for professionalism

Candidates deserve to be interviewed by a professional who truly understands the complexity of their skills and experience - our HiveScout. We see that as an essential form of respect for our candidates and their career achievements. And we consider it an insult to their professionalism that others in our industry leave their abilities to be judged by people who simply aren’t qualified to do so.


Candidates have the right to clear up salary info before they apply. Providing this information later is a waste of everyone's time.

Real jobs

Candidates deserve real jobs only. At all times. We don't use puller ads that only serve to make us look good. We're interested in quality, not quantity. Which is why we don't sell CVs or access to our database either.

Email, newsletters, alerts and other distractions

Our candidates are never pestered by job alerts. Because they're just noise that cloggs up your inbox. Instead, we've developed our own Perfect-Fit solution, which only suggests you apply for a job when we genuinely believe that you have an excellent chance of success. At which point you can proceed by confirming your interest.


Candidates have the right to interviews that don’t require them to go through hell and high water, sacrificing precious hours of leave to travel for miles. They’re entitled to a convenient, no-fuss solution.

Transparency is also respect

Our Candidates have the right to know what’s happening with their application at all times. And they have the right to an answer, whatever it may be. We strongly believe it’s better to receive an e-mail saying you haven’t been selected than to hear nothing at all. We know how frustrating it is for applicants to see their CVs swallowed up by some mysterious black hole where they disappear without trace. And we see it as an intolerable lack of respect both personally and professionally. We’ll have nothing to do with it. In fact that was one of the founding principles of HiveJobs.

Registration and application

Candidates can register and apply for a job in less than a minute.
Anything less is downright inefficient and a waste of your valuable time.