a recruiting shape of algorithms and human touch.

Hivejobs is the new research and selection division of Randstad Italia, which uses an innovative method of recruiting and talent hunting, able to guarantee the highest level of specialization in the market.

Estimate builder

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Our HiveScout network is made up of thousands of professionals in positions of responsibility at leading companies. They place their know-how and experience at the service of our clients to provide an accurate and effective assessment of each candidate’s competencies.

trasparency in process.

A selection of the best profiles interviewed by our Hivescout, is presented to the customer through punctual and exhaustive reports focused on the soft and hard skills of the candidates. Pros and cons of each profile - not only at a technical level - are documented then only the customer will choose whom to meet. Afterwards, each candidate has the opportunity to evaluate the interviewer filling a survey.

In the Candidate’s interest

Conquering the high potential talent estimate is our most important goal. The real specialization and seniority of our hivescout, together with our highly innovative business model, feed the interest of the candidates, for the benefit of our customers.

identikit of a hivescout.

Our Hivescouts have at least 15 years of professional experience, often heading a team within multinational companies. They willingly participate in networking events and enjoy new experiences. Also, they have a wide network of contacts and knowledge within their area of specialization. They simply love innovation.