Find your new job with Hivejobs's hivescout

Hivescouts who have worked with us.

Antonio Piovesan
Senior Software Engineer

Hivejobs is the future: the kin between the scout and the candidate allow to determine a better evaluation of candidate profile overall. The Hivescout is really important for the Recruiter, as his support isn't just with the screening of the CV and/or the couple interviews, but also as a mentoring guide. I collaborated with very capable recruiters by now, interviewing, in many cases, really brilliant candidates. Personally, I like to do the interviews: analysing skills, evaluating hard skills and also sharing, sometimes, useful news from the IT world.

Daniele Spatari
IT Director

The Hivescout is a useful way to compare yourself with the market and evaluate your transversal and interaction skills that go beyond your profession. The model set is very convenient, you can operate independently and the platform allows you to manage the selection and interviews in a few clicks. A video call tool then allows you to reach candidates without difficulty.

Andrea Ligios
Senior Software Architect

It immediately seemed like an interesting challenge to overcome, which helped me to improve my soft-skills, in addition to my ability to analyse those (hard and soft) of others; This fantastic experience has allowed me to met new people, learn interesting technological and working trends, out of the professional and territorial sphere to which I was bound.

Luigi Del Giacco
Sales General Manager

I think it's an excellent opportunity to deepen the knowledge in terms of recruiting, useful in my role as a team coordinator. The method of approach to the candidate uses a convergence of several digital tools that guarantees an extremely precise overall assessment. The Hivescout is, in effect, an active and fundamental part of the selection process.