who picked us spot on.

GlaxoSmithKline S.p.A

Recruiter Manager

Having a partner like Hivejobs is very useful. Not only because they close the mandate, but mostly for the unique way to recruit people. The Hivejobs Recruiters' specialization has literaly surprised me. We now can receive both hard (very hard) and soft skill feedback all at once.



The Hivejobs team is very efficient, proactive, flexible, and extremely results-oriented. The real booster in the hiring process is the HiveScout, who pre-selects the technical skills of the most promising candidates, enabling us to focus on a very short list of valid people.


HR & Support Functions Director

At Kellogs we already had a rigorous and efficient recruitment process, however by integrating Hivejobs we improved it even more, making it more innovative and at the same time reducing timeframes and improving quality.

DI.GI. International Spa


I am very satisfied with the service offered by Hivejobs. The profiles they presented me were all well selected and perfectly fitting. Despite several difficulties that emerged during the hiring process, they kept working until reaching the goal.

Smurfit Kappa Italy


Hivejobs was a fantastic discovery for us. With traditional recruiting methods we couldn't find the right person. We decided to bet on innovation, with Hivejobs. We are really satisfied.


HR Manager

My opinion on Hivejobs? I can say that I have a really positive feedback. I appreciated their readiness in understanding our requirements. I appreciated the Recruitment Consultant's job, a real strength compared to traditional recruiters, who often struggle when facing an experienced candidate.