who picked us spot on.

Samo Spa

HR Director

Before trying with Hivejobs we went with the usual market players, without ever reaching our desired outcome. Hivejobs surprised us by finding seven highly skilled candidates in a very short time.

Elcam Medical

HR Manager

We've been looking for a long time for a trusted partner to help us recruit our highly specialized resources. We finally found it in Hivejobs: short delivery time and perfect candidates.

Lantech Solutions S.p.A

HR Management Directors

We are happily surprised by the human relationship that we established with the Hivejobs Team. They helped us understand our not simple recruiting needs. The innovative dashboard and the 1-way interview also simplified our recruiting process and let us obtain fast and satisfying results.

The Good Ones


I needed to recruit a Backend Web Developer: we do not have the necessary technical knowledge to understand CV's, so we purchased a recruiting service from Hivejobs. Candidates are interviewed by someone doing the same job, so you are sure they have the technical requirements.

B4C Consulting


Compared to traditional recruiting agencies, Hivejobs lets you see the whole recruiting process, allowing you to participate directly in the pre-screening process and on the candidates to be interviewed by the HiveScout. This kind of transparency is unique and it's a big time saver.

Best Union Company

HR Assistant

We needed to hire a professional in France urgently. We chose Hivejobs as we were attracted by their business model and their refreshing approach. In the end we hired two candidates. I can only say that the service is excellent. Well done!