who picked us spot on.

Elmo Spa

Product Manager

The service is effective for both the technology and the final result. I liked the human work that integrates effectively with the web platform.

Proxima srl

IT Manager

We experimented Hivejobs innovative services with satisfaction, they allowed us to manage the recruiting process effectively. Especially the 1-way interview allowed us to speed up and enrich the screening phase dramatically.


Administrative Director

When you look for candidates with a technical profile, recruiting can be long and tedious. With Hivejobs you are sure candidates will have the required skills, thanks to the HiveScout interviews. Moreover the service is less expensive compared to a traditional recruiting agency.



I am really happy and satisfied of what Hivejobs accomplished. They helped me solve a difficult and costly recruiting process for qualified resources. Congratulations!

Salvi Vivai


We really liked the fact that you can evaluate candidates before meeting them in a very accurate way, saving loads of time. It is a very practical and time saving system.



The scouting phase offered by Hivejobs was helpful in shortening time and making recruiting faster, going straight to interviews with top candidates. We have been able to fulfill a key vacancy that needed a specific professional profile.