“Having a partner like Hivejobs is very useful. Not only because they close the mandate, but mostly for the unique way to recruit people. The Hivejobs Recruiters' specialization has literaly surprised me. We now can receive both hard (very hard) and soft skill feedback all at once.”
Recruiter Manager
GlaxoSmithKline S.p.A
“The Hivejobs team is very efficient, proactive, flexible, and extremely results-oriented. The real booster in the hiring process is the HiveScout, who pre-selects the technical skills of the most promising candidates, enabling us to focus on a very short list of valid people.”
“At Kellogs we already had a rigorous and efficient recruitment process, however by integrating Hivejobs we improved it even more, making it more innovative and at the same time reducing timeframes and improving quality.”
HR & Support Functions Director
“I am very satisfied with the service offered by Hivejobs. The profiles they presented me were all well selected and perfectly fitting. Despite several difficulties that emerged during the hiring process, they kept working until reaching the goal.”
DI.GI. International Spa
“Hivejobs was a fantastic discovery for us. With traditional recruiting methods we couldn't find the right person. We decided to bet on innovation, with Hivejobs. We are really satisfied.”
Smurfit Kappa Italy
“My opinion on Hivejobs? I can say that I have a really positive feedback. I appreciated their readiness in understanding our requirements. I appreciated the Recruitmet Consultant's job, a real strenght compared to traditional recruiters, who often struggle when facing an experience candidate.”
HR Manager
“We are very satisfied of the Hivejobs service: with its very efficient recruitment process it's more easy and quickly for us to find right candidates for our needs in Italy and abroad”
HR Director
Emmegi Group
“Hivejobs provides us e-commerce marketing talents. All the shortlist candidates fit to the job position so we can pick out the right one for our purpose and culture.”
Teddy S.p.A
“HiveJobs provides rare profiles with extreme precision and within short time.”
Head of Human Resources
Lutech Group
“With HiveJobs we were able to complete our recruitment phases in a very fast way. They followed exactly our needs and the result was really great and perfectly in line with our expectations.”
“When you start working with Hivejobs, you can be sure about the final result: their unique recruiting method really makes the difference.”
“MilkyWay is a Startup and we struggled for months searching for a high-skilled developer. HJ has been a great surprise: not an agency, a real Company with the only goal to find the best resource for your specific need. In one month we had the right person in the Team. Hive Jobs is fast, reliable, effective. That’s what you call efficiency, and that’s what every company needs.”
“Results with Hivejobs are immediately stunning: we managed to hire a candidate in a very short time, support is timely and a person is always available. Also, receiving CVs on my dashboard plus email is really useful. Up to now, I can say I am really satisfied.”
Responsabile Reclutamento e Formazione
“Taking advantage of Hivejobs services makes you realize immediately how the Web can be an incredible efficiency booster: Hivejobs is the definitive breakthrough in professional recruiting.”
Archiva srl
“The researches that we entrusted to Hivejobs were definitely very challenging. Time is the most valuable asset for me and receiving the report of an expert made me reach the goal with more quality and less energy waste. Well done.”
Delivery Director
Venistar Spa
“We were looking for a business developer but with a specific technical background, somebody who could talk our own language and help us grow our business. Hivejobs helped us in finding suitable people and hire the ideal one.”
“We have a structured Human Resources Department, however Hivejobs ability to identify technical skills through the HiveScout helped us in improving our recruiting process.”
Human Resources Department
“Finding Pre-Sales profiles that match both tecnical and commercial skills is really difficult in our industry. Hivejobs surprised me for the quality of the submitted profiles.”
“We turned to Hivejobs for a Product Marketing Manager and we particularly appreciated the “expert” prescreening of the HiveScout and the “sweet” technology that Hivejobs uses during the selection process.”
HR Department
Sutter Industries
“Excellent service and goal achieved. The characteristic that I appreciated the most is the flexibility of the HiveManager during the research, from the definition of our needs to the proposal of the best candidates.”
IT & Logistic Manager
Tiesse spa
“We decided to try with Hivejobs for their innovative approach. Fast, agile and effective, right on target! Promises fulfilled 100%.”
“We want to congratulate with the Hivejobs team who helped us with a difficult research here in Bozen. They found various candidates for us, each one really skilled for the job.”
Human Resources
Defranceschi Spa
“First time with Hivejobs and its innovative way to roll out the recruitment activity. Remarkable the speed of the process, the capability to fulfill the difficult job profile requirements, the professionalism of my interface. I can recap in one word: efficiency. For sure, an experience to repeat.”
HR Director
Ardagh Group
“We are market leaders but in a niche market, this makes it difficult to attract valuable candidates. We have been impressed by the quality of profiles brought by Hivejobs: the difference lies in their innovative recruiting methods and in their highly qualified network of specialized recruiters.”
Vice President International Operations
“At Sysdata we solved the issue of finding qualified consultants thanks to Hivejobs. Speed and quality are the main characteristics of their services.”
“With Hivejobs we are fully satisfied: we appreciated the speed and efficacy. The Hivescout chose exactly the type of candidates we were looking for.”
“I am not used to the kind of transparency Hivejobs uses during the selection process, and I really liked it. I also appreciated the fact that the candidates I interviewed directly confirmed me the quality of the whole recruiting process.”
Direzione Aziendale
“Hivejobs helps us identify best profiles ideal for our technology business, verifying technical skills for each candidate. From this point of view the HiveScout really makes a difference and guarantees exceptional results.”
“We had the chance to appreciate Hivejobs services for an urgent vacancy we had to fill in our sales area. Online management, transparency and prior evaluation of each phase in the recruiting process, great support from the HiveScout, and an incomparable cost-quality ratio.”
“We turned to Hivejobs for the research of Project Management profiles. I am really satisfied by the goals achieved and by Hivejobs tools. The best is certainly the evaluation report delivered by the HiveScout.”
IT Department HR Manager
“We found in Hivejobs a true partner: selection is fast but efficient. Results are really satisfying. We'll certainly work wit them in the future for our recruiting.”
General Manager
La Galvanina
“Hivejobs shares with our company the same innovative spirit, so it was an instant match for us. They confirmed to be highly effective, thanks to a new recruiting concept and, especially, thanks to the people bringing real value: it's a pleasure to walk hand in hand with them while doing new business.”
“I am very satisfied about Hivejobs recruiting, their model and of course the positive final outcome.”
BU Director
Sinfo One Spa
“Hivejobs is the most intelligent, practical and economic tool that a modern company can find for personnel recruitment. Our company used it successfully. Short time, competent people, total online management to see profiles and view candidates' interviews and their short list. Each element is fundamental to guarantee an excellent result. Seeing is believing!”
General Director
“Mailup hires only highly specialized people. Hivejobs found us a very rare profile where others previously failed.”
HR Department
“HIvejobs showed to be a really valid help in personnel research and selection: they immediately sent us candidates with the required skills, allowing us a faster and better recruiting process. We found the pre-screening tools to be really useful, as well as the evaluation reports written by the HiveScouts.”
Managing Director
ICT Group
“Before trying with Hivejobs we went with the usual market players, without ever reaching our desired outcome. Hivejobs surprised us by finding seven highly skilled candidates in a very short time.”
HR Director
Samo Spa
“We've been looking for a long time for a trusted partner to help us recruit our highly specialized resources. We finally found it in Hivejobs: short delivery time and perfect candidates.”
HR Manager
Elcam Medical
“We are happily surprised by the human relationship that we established with the Hivejobs Team. They helped us understand our not simple recruiting needs. The innovative dashboard and the 1-way interview also simplified our recruiting process and let us obtain fast and satisfying results.”
HR Management Directors
Lantech Solutions S.p.A
“I needed to recruit a Backend Web Developer: we do not have the necessary technical knowledge to understand CV's, so we purchased a recruiting service from Hivejobs. Candidates are interviewed by someone doing the same job, so you are sure they have the technical requirements.”
The Good Ones
“Compared to traditional recruiting agencies, Hivejobs lets you see the whole recruiting process, allowing you to participate directly in the pre-screening process and on the candidates to be interviewed by the HiveScout. This kind of transparency is unique and it's a big time saver.”
B4C Consulting
“We needed to hire a professional in France urgently. We chose Hivejobs as we were attracted by their business model and their refreshing approach. In the end we hired two candidates. I can only say that the service is excellent. Well done!”
HR Assistant
Best Union Company
“The service is effective for both the technology and the final result. I liked the human work that integrates effectively with the web platform.”
Product Manager
Elmo Spa
“We experimented Hivejobs innovative services with satisfaction, they allowed us to manage the recruiting process effectively. Especially the 1-way interview allowed us to speed up and enrich the screening phase dramatically.”
IT Manager
Proxima srl
“When you look for candidates with a technical profile, recruiting can be long and tedious. With Hivejobs you are sure candidates will have the required skills, thanks to the HiveScout interviews. Moreover the service is less expensive compared to a traditional recruiting agency.”
Administrative Director
“I am really happy and satisfied of what Hivejobs accomplished. They helped me solve a difficult and costly recruiting process for qualified resources. Congratulations!”
“We really liked the fact that you can evaluate candidates before meeting them in a very accurate way, saving loads of time. It is a very practical and time saving system.”
Salvi Vivai
“The scouting phase offered by Hivejobs was helpful in shortening time and making recruiting faster, going straight to interviews with top candidates. We have been able to fulfill a key vacancy that needed a specific professional profile.”
“I really liked working with Hivejobs, they offer a high quality service that I'll certainly use again in the future.”
“I really liked Hivejobs professional way of working and the positive attitude of the whole staff.”
4Service Solution
“The specific nature of our business area implies often a difficult task for traditional recruiting services. With Hivejobs we found the ideal partner to search for candidates matching our expectations.”
Management Consultant
Sata srl
“I particularly liked the absolute transparency of the service and the efficiency of the Hivejobs staff: it's not just an online service, human factor is critical and it makes a big difference.”
Electronics Services
“When you need skilled IT professionals the most difficult phase is going from the CV to understanding the real technical skills. The HiveScout's job is crucial. Hivejobs simply works.”
Visirun - A FleetMatics Company
“Hivejobs service was excellent: not only the online service, but especially the skills and dedication of the Hivejobs team all throughout the research and selection process.”
Revevol Italia
“Finding a qualified professional today is really a pain: Hivejobs simplified our research helping us find those aligned with our needs in a very short time. It is really a valuable service.”
Automation Division Director
“We are satisfied overall with Hivejobs and we think it's innovative and effective.”
HR Manager
“We are satisfied with Hivejobs services: we found good candidates and hired in a short time, saving money.”

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